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Take The Heat Out Of Cleaning Your Oven

Out of all the household cleaning chores, oven cleaning is usually the one we dread the most. It’s time consuming, messy and requires a lot of elbow grease! For that reason, it’s usually the chore we all put off the longest, which often creates an even bigger problem of baked on food and grease to contend with!

When ovens need a deep clean, it can sometimes mean contending with smoke from burnt on food and struggling to see through the oven glass to check on what you’re cooking. But you’re not alone, because so many others put it off this long too.

Cleaning the oven can often take time – time so many of us don’t have because we have busy lives and other commitments or simply want to rest in our spare time. Professional oven cleaning in Romford from Oven Bright lets someone else take care of it for you!

Our family-run business has been cleaning ovens professionally for over a decade, across Essex and Hertfordshire with plenty of satisfied customers! We can clean your oven, grill or extractor within two hours and leave it ready to use immediately.

Our speedy and friendly service will get your oven looking back to its best once again and as good as new.

End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning in Romford

Is your tenancy coming to an end? Many tenancy agreements require you to have a professional clean at the end of your tenancy or get your oven cleaned by a professional company. We offer affordable and competitive rates on oven cleaning in Romford, so you can feel confident about receiving your full deposit back thanks to our thorough and professional service getting it back to as good as new.

We are happy to provide a receipt or letter of confirmation upon completion to confirm it has been professionally cleaned.

As well as your oven, we can also provide professional cleaning of your microwave, fridge and freezer. If you want a fast, friendly and professional service look no further.

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Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to leave a quick message to say how impressed I am with Danny and OvenBright! Danny is a very pleasant guy who conducted his work efficiently and very effectively. He was very polite and left my home clean and tidy. Above all, I am delighted with the outcome. My oven looks great!"

A happy customer

Expert Oven Cleaning in Romford

Just like you would employ a professional plumber or electrician, hiring a professional cleaner ensures a job is done safely and with expert knowledge, experience and confidence that it is done properly.

We have full working knowledge of ovens and their elements and have worked on single and double ovens, gas and electric and AGAs so we know the best way to clean them effectively and safely. There are important things to know when it comes to cleaning an oven such as what to avoid touching and what products to use.

Caustic products are often advertised and recommended for cleaning, but these can often cause damage to the oven and strip the surface of the oven as well as expose your home to powerful fumes and need to be thoroughly cleaned and cleared before the oven can be used again.

We use non-toxic, fume free, eco-friendly products that are the best in the business – meaning we can clean your oven quickly and safely without exposing your home and oven to strong and dangerous chemicals – particularly important in homes with children and pets.

Using scrubbers and brushes that are too abrasive can cause damage to your oven door glass and create tiny scratches that weaken the integrity of the glass causing it to shatter at high heat. Save an expensive accident from happening by leaving it in the hands of the professionals.

To find out more about our prices and services for oven cleaning in Romford, call us now or look through our services page to see a full list of our fees and offering. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and book you in at a time convenient to you. We are happy to clean multiple appliances in one day as long as we have the availability for your chosen day.

Join our growing list of very happy and satisfied customers and get your oven looking bright again with Oven Bright!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to maintain my oven between cleaning?

To keep your oven working its best and staying cleaner between deep cleans, try to wipe away mess as it appears (when it is cool and safe to do so) and give it a good wipe down at least once a month. Get it professionally cleaned every three to six months to keep it working at its best and hygienic.

We can provide a full oven service during our cleaning to ensure it is working at its best as well as supply and replace your oven light – ideal for getting the best view of your cooking through your clean oven glass!

As well as being confident that your oven will be cleaned thoroughly, and every inch covered, using a professional ensures it is done safely and that heating elements and gas burners are avoided.

We know the best and safest products to use and know the best way to complete the job quickly and efficiently and leave it looking brand new. It’s a long, tough, messy job and browsing your way through the many oven cleaning products on offer (some incredibly caustic) can be confusing and sometimes work out costlier than calling a professional.

It is often perceived that you need to use strong caustic chemical cleaning products to see an effective result on your oven, but this isn’t true. You can achieve equally impressive results with gentler and more natural products.

We use reputable professional brands that are the best in the business and we always ensure all of them are non-toxic, fume free and eco-friendly so you can be confident you have professional thorough service without the harsh chemicals.

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