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Why Hiring a Professional Oven Cleaner is Worth it

Are you trying to decide whether you should hire a professional to clean your oven or attempt it yourself? Like with most household chores, we’re sure you’ve often considered outsourcing it, but particularly when it comes to the dreaded oven clean – more and more people are considering a professional oven cleaner to help get their oven back to its best.
There are a few reasons for this, for one thing, it’s a tough time-consuming job, it’s why so many people put it off. It’s also messy and there are conflicting opinions about the best way to do it. You have to keep in mind what elements you should and should not clean/touch and know what you can and can’t remove.
When hiring a professional oven cleaner, you have an expert who has cleaned thousands of ovens before of all sizes and demands. They know the best solutions for getting rid of baked on food and grease residue quickly and efficiently.

Safe Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning in Ongar

There are so many products to choose from for oven cleaning, some natural and some with corrosive chemicals that can have harmful fumes. These chemical solutions often advise using gloves and having a well-ventilated room to use them.
However, at Oven Bright, we only use eco-friendly non-toxic products from reputable brands. With our experience and knowledge, we have selected the best and most effective products to clean your oven and the best way to do this quickly and efficiently. Because of this, you are able to use your oven immediately after we’ve cleaned it.
Best of all, this ensures that while we clean your oven, you and your family are safe from strong chemical fumes.
We also do an oven service as we clean, so we’ll let you know if we see any issues which may cause problems and we can replace lightbulbs should they need it.

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Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to leave a quick message to say how impressed I am with Danny and OvenBright! Danny is a very pleasant guy who conducted his work efficiently and very effectively. He was very polite and left my home clean and tidy. Above all, I am delighted with the outcome. My oven looks great!"

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End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning Ongar

Are you coming to the end of your tenancy or moving to a new house? It is often part of tenancy agreements that you need to ensure your property is professionally cleaned upon vacating and normally that the oven is professionally cleaned.
We have completed plenty of end of tenancy cleans and we offer an affordable and efficient service to suit any budget. We’re happy to provide proof of cleaning if you need to present this to your landlord. While you’re packing to move, take one stress off your list and hire Oven Bright to get your oven looking as good as the day you moved in!
Likewise, if you’ve recently moved into a property rented or owned and they have left the oven behind, it’s likely you want to have peace of mind and ensure everything is clean before you use it. We’re all too happy to provide an oven clean to get that oven looking as good as new.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are natural products as effective for oven cleaning?

Some people feel that unless they are using strong caustic chemicals to clean, things aren’t really clean – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can get excellent results from natural eco-friendly products – after all these are ingredients that have been used for decades.

As well as being more affordable, they are friendlier to the environment and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about them getting into the wrong hands or having to get rid of all the product before you feel safe to use the oven again.

With the products we use and professional cleaning approach, you can use your oven straight away – making your life much easier!

This really depends on the size and scale of a job, we aim to have your oven, grill or extractor clean within two hours but if you give us a call to get a quote and discuss the job – we can try and give a better estimate.

This also depends on how dirty the oven is, obviously the dirtier it is, the longer it will take but we aim to clean as quickly and efficiently as we can.

There are a few easy things you can do to try and prevent food and grease residue building up between deep cleans. It’s always a good idea to have a ‘drip tray’ underneath whatever you’re cooking. This can be a standard empty oven tray put on the shelf below whatever you’re cooking so if anything bubbles over or spits – it can be collected easily and wiped and removed easily rather than directly onto your oven.

When you do have spills onto your oven, try and remove and wipe these as soon as it is safe to do so to avoid it getting baked in.

Finally, where appropriate, try and cover things that are likely to spit such as meat or fatty products.

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