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Why You Should Hire a Professional Oven Cleaner in Ilford

When it comes to cleaning our homes and getting around to the jobs we’ve been avoiding, cleaning the oven is almost always a long and messy job we’d all rather forget. However, the longer you leave deep cleaning the oven for, the more likely you are to experience problems such as smoking, smells and difficulty seeing through your oven door glass, not to mention the hygiene risk.

It is recommended your oven is deep cleaned every three to six months depending on how much you use it, but how often do you clean your oven unless you really need to? Once a year? Many of us put it off so long it’s becomes a miserable task!

Professional oven cleaning in Ilford allows you to avoid this tiresome task and is a lot more affordable than you may think, especially if you live in a shared household. It also means you can get the job done much quicker, we aim to have your oven clean within about two hours and ready to use immediately.

We use non-toxic, fume free and eco-friendly products that are the best in the business and will break through grease, fat and burnt on food. We pride ourselves on using safe but effective products, so you can feel confident your home is in safe hands and your oven won’t be at risk of damage from caustic products which can strip the natural coating of the oven.

End of Tenancy Appliance Cleaning

Are you preparing to move out of your rented property? It is often a requirement of your tenancy agreement that you need professional cleaning of your property before you move out, or at least of your oven and other appliances.

With the stresses of moving to a new house, this can often be another task to find time for, so let us tick one thing off your list and ensure your oven, microwave, fridge and freezer are cleaned and looking as good as new. We provide our cleaning services to a range of kitchen appliances as well as your oven, so you can be confident of a job well done and receiving your deposit back.

We can provide proof of cleaning such as a letter of confirmation or receipt if you need this as proof to your landlord or letting company that the appliances have been professionally cleaned. If you need end of tenancy oven cleaning in Ilford, look no further than Oven Bright.

Cleaning Services We Provide

Microwave Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

AGA Cleaning

Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to leave a quick message to say how impressed I am with Danny and OvenBright! Danny is a very pleasant guy who conducted his work efficiently and very effectively. He was very polite and left my home clean and tidy. Above all, I am delighted with the outcome. My oven looks great!"

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Commercial Oven Cleaning

Do you have a business that needs oven or appliance cleaning? We provide commercial oven cleaning on a regular or ad-hoc basis. This is ideal if you run a business or office space that has a shared kitchen that needs cleaning regularly or if you run a business such as a cake making or hospitality that needs regular cleaning to keep to hygiene standards.

We’re happy to provide our oven cleaning service to you and talk through your needs and requirements. With many people using one space, cooking appliances such as ovens, microwaves and hobs can need regular cleaning.

Likewise, running a food business can be tiring and whilst we are sure you hold the very highest hygiene standards, it can be preferable to hire outside help to do the big jobs such as oven deep cleans!

If you would like to discuss how we could provide our services to your business, please get in touch to discuss and we will see how we can work with you.

Oven Maintenance Tips

In between your professional oven cleaning in Ilford from Oven Bright – you can keep your oven working at its best by trying to keep on top of any spills as they occur, so they don’t bake on and become harder to remove. For safety, it is best to wait until the oven is cool to do this.

If you have time, do a weekly wipe down to clean up any marks that have occurred. To prevent the bottom of the oven becoming too unmanageable, invest in a drip tray or cookie sheet to sit at the bottom of the oven and catch anything that may fall such as cheese from a pizza or a sauce bubbling over. These small things can help keep your oven cleaner for longer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it best to use strong chemical cleaners for oven cleaning?

Many oven cleaners have strong caustic chemicals in to break through the dirt, but these can be incredibly toxic and dangerous to skin as well as dangerous to breathe in. Most oven cleaners have strong warnings on and use chemicals such as lye, ethers, ethylene glycol, methylene chloride and petroleum distillates. It is often necessary to wear gloves, open windows and take regular breaks when using these products.

We use non-toxic, fume free and eco-friendly oven cleaning products that are the best in the business to keep both you and your home safe from fumes and strong caustic chemicals.

We aim to have your oven, grill or extractor fan clean within two hours, so we won’t take up your day. This is often quicker than it can take to do yourself as many DIY oven cleaners require to be left for a set amount of time.

We can arrange the best time for us to visit around your day and aim to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we are finished, you will be able to use your oven immediately, so if you’re fitting us in between the school run and dinner time – there shouldn’t be any delays to your evening! We can fit around you.

As well as oven cleaning in Ilford, we can also clean your grill, fryer and extractor fan and can clean single and double ovens, both gas and electric. We also clean AGAs and are experienced in cleaning these efficiently and carefully.

As well as ovens, we also provide microwave cleaning, which can also become a large job when it is put off (which we are all guilty of!) and for those garden get-togethers we also do BBQ deep cleaning.

As well as cooking appliances, we also clean fridges, freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers.

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