How to Defeat Burnt On Food and Oven Grime!

It’s official! Research has revealed that oven cleaning is the most hated chore in Britain. It’s something we all put off but it’s important that we don’t because cooking appliances are responsible for a fifth of house fires. Not to mention that it is unhygienic to let burnt on food and grease build up, as well as causing smoke every time you cook.

But with our increasingly busy lives, is it any wonder than the average Brit is putting off up to six household chores at any one time? Is that grimy oven window glaring at you? Here are some easy tips for oven cleaning.

Go Natural

There are countless cleaning products on the market and thanks to Mrs Hinch we’ve all gone cleaning mad! However, when it comes to oven cleaning, it is best to go natural rather than opt for harsh chemicals. You may already choose to do this due to trying to remain environmentally friendly but there is a lot to be said for classic cleaning solutions such as white wine vinegar and baking soda or lemon and salt so shift stubborn areas of grease and burnt on food.

Simply make a paste and apply it to the problem areas, leaving it overnight to work its magic before scrubbing it off. This can be applied to the bottom of the oven, side walls and the glass oven door but be sure to avoid the heating elements.

To scrub off the solution, you should invest in decent scrubbing brushes or scourers but avoid using scourers or brushes on the door as these can leave tiny scratches that leave the glass vulnerable to shattering. For any of those awkward corners or nooks, use an old toothbrush.

We advise using natural products as a lot of chemical oven cleaning products can be highly corrosive and need to be handled extremely carefully to avoid them coming into contact with your skin and causing irritation or burns. At Oven Bright, we only use natural products, so we practise what we preach!

Keep On Top Of Spills

The best way of keeping on top of keeping your oven clean is by trying to prevent them happening or being able to act as you seen them.

When you are cooking something that is likely to spill or bubble over, we advise placing an empty oven tray on the shelf below to catch anything that does fall. This can then be easily removed and cleaned rather than baking onto the bottom. It’s also an idea to try and cover anything that may spit, which causes grease build up on oven walls.

You can also invest in Kevlar oven liner which can be placed at the bottom of your oven to catch any spills and easily removed and clean. These can be reused, and Kevlar is heat resistant so won’t warp over time. It is essentially a super strong plastic with many inter-chain bonds and is used for everything from oven gloves to bulletproof vests!

Get Someone Else To Do It

Of course with our busy lives, sometimes there really isn’t the time or inclination to clean your oven which is why more and more people are outsourcing their oven cleaning in Essex to a professional oven cleaner.

Hiring a professional oven cleaner is surprisingly affordable and unobtrusive – often taking just a couple of hours.

At Oven Bright we have been cleaning ovens since 2007 and helping them look back to their best. We have expert knowledge and experience in cleaning a wide range of ovens and AGAs with many satisfied customers across Essex and Hertfordshire.

We can provide oven cleaning for both domestic and commercial clients on either a one off or regular basis. If you would like to book us in or find out more contact us and we’ll be happy to get your oven gleaming one again.


Are Natural Products or Chemicals Better For Oven Cleaning?

It’s up to the individual but we’re strictly Team Natural and only use natural products for our oven cleaning services. While there is so much choice of cleaning products to choose from now, it can often be old favourites such as white wine vinegar and baking soda that can be the most effective and most cleaning experts still swear by them.

Natural cleaning products are easier to use and obtain and are food safe, when we clean an oven it is ready to use straight away. When using harsh chemicals it is often essential to protect your skin from the product, thoroughly clean it away and even open windows to avoid breathing in too much of the fumes. Not to mention corrosive chemicals can damage the natural lining of your oven!

We provide oven and AGA cleaning across Essex and Hertfordshire – cleaning the inside of your oven, oven doors and glass, grills, hobs and extractor fans. We can also provide microwave cleaning too.

We are based in Chigwell and provide competitive pricing for our services. As a family-run company with experience cleaning thousands of ovens, we know the best techniques to get your oven looking shiny and clean once again.

We can provide our services on a one off or regular basis, whatever suits you! It usually takes us around two hours to clean your oven depending on the size and scale of the job and your oven will be ready to use straight away.

Yes we do! It is becoming increasingly common for landlords to require tenants to provide a professional oven clean at the end of their tenancy ready for the next tenant. If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to get your oven looking as good as when you moved in and get your security deposit back, we can provide an end of tenancy oven clean.

If you need to provide proof of our services to your landlord or letting agency, we are happy to provide a receipt or letter of confirmation.

Are you looking for oven cleaners in Essex and the Hertfordshire? For oven cleans from only £43, contact our team on 01279 432 444