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The Best Oven Cleaning Brentwood Has To Offer!

For most people, oven cleaning is the job we all dread and put off as long as possible – for some until it smokes and makes cooking unbearable. The reason we put it off is because it seems like a long and tedious job, with lots of strong chemicals, scrubbing, and patience.

It might be that you simply don’t have the time, the inclination or the expertise to clean the oven, but whatever the reason you can book Oven Bright to do all the hard work for you. We’ve cleaned all types of ovens across Essex and the southeast, leaving a trail of happy customers in our wake.
We are a family-run business who have been cleaning ovens for years and know all the best ways to get it looking sparkling once again. We can also clean oven grills, hobs and extractor fans on both domestic and commercial ovens – so your oven will feel as sparkling as the day you bought it once again.

We can also provide an oven service as we clean, ensuring everything is working as it should, and spotting any problems early. We can also replace oven bulbs for a small fee. Our knowledge and expertise means we can clean every part of your oven and remove and refit elements without causing any damage and ensuring your oven works at its best for many years to come.

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Customer Feedback

"Just wanted to leave a quick message to say how impressed I am with Danny and OvenBright! Danny is a very pleasant guy who conducted his work efficiently and very effectively. He was very polite and left my home clean and tidy. Above all, I am delighted with the outcome. My oven looks great!"

A happy customer

Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning Brentwood

For families with small children, pets, and the environmentally conscious, we know how important it is to feel safe with the cleaning products you use. We only use non-toxic, eco-friendly products from reputable brands, so you can feel confident that you and your family will not be exposed to harmful fumes or chemicals.

Because of this, you will be able to use your oven immediately after cleaning and feel reassured you and your family are safe.

Some people assume you need strong chemicals to clean your oven and keep it hygienic, but you’d be surprised at the results from very natural household products which do not put you at risk of strong corrosive chemicals.

Our years of experience mean we know the best products to clean your oven quickly and efficiently – leaving you satisfied with the results.

End of Tenancy Oven Cleaning Brentwood

Are you coming to the end of your tenancy? It is often required by your landlord to have your oven professionally cleaned before you move out. For the sake of your security deposit, it’s important your oven is cleaned thoroughly and with Oven Bright, you can feel confident of that.

We will do a thorough job and ensure it looks as good as new, or as close as it can do! We can also provide a letter of confirmation to prove it has been professionally cleaned if your landlord requires it.
So, whether you live in a shared household or live alone – we can provide affordable, friendly service and the best oven cleaning in Brentwood.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help keep my oven clean between professional cleans?

If you want to try and help maintain the cleanliness of your oven, after a professional clean or between cleans, there are a few simple things you can do. If there are spills during cooking, when it is safe to do so, clean this up as soon as possible to avoid it being baked on further the next time you cook.

Try and have a wipe down of your oven at least once a month or after cooking something that might bubble and spit. Where possible, try and cover food that might spill such as casseroles, lasagne or a roast meat and put a tray underneath to catch any spills.

With the huge number of products on the market and conflicting advice on what is the best approach to clean your oven, it can often seem a daunting task to clean your oven. It’s time consuming and dirty and let’s face it – not many people enjoy it! Hiring a professional oven cleaner means you can get your oven cleaned quickly and efficiently by somebody with plenty of experience and the best tools for the job.

We know the most effective and safe products, as well as the best methods for getting rid of burnt on food and grease – considering how affordable our service is – why wouldn’t you hire a professional oven cleaner?

Because we use non-toxic products and thoroughly clean your oven, it is safe to use immediately after cleaning. We wouldn’t leave without your oven being 100% safe to use. However, if you want an extra piece of mind before cooking, put your oven on a high temperature for half an hour before cooking before turning down to your desired cooking temperature.

Are you looking for oven cleaners in Essex and the Hertfordshire? For oven cleans from only £43, contact our team on 01279 432 444