How Do You Know If Your Oven Needs Cleaning?

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Signs Your Oven Needs Cleaning

It can be easy to neglect to clean your oven as much as you should and for many of us, it’s the household chore we dread the most, but how can you tell if your oven needs cleaning?
There are some simple signs you can watch out for that are a good indication it’s time for an oven clean. As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to clean your oven every three months but if you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to stop putting it off!


Burnt on food and grime can cause your oven to smoke when you use it, usually filling your kitchen with irritating smoke and setting off fire alarms! This is one of the most obvious signs your oven needs cleaning and can be harmful to your health. This type of smoke can often irritate eyes and seep out of the oven during cooking, so it’s best to get this sorted as soon as possible for the comfort and safety of everyone in your home.

Visible grime

Before you experience your oven smoking, you may notice a build-up in grime on the sides of your oven and the glass door. You may be finding it increasingly difficult to see through the oven door to check on your food. This is usually a good indication that it is time to clean your oven before the problem gets worse and is baked on further.

Unpleasant smells

Fallen and burnt on food or grime can begin to smell if left in the oven, you may notice this when cooking or experience an impact on taste with the food you cook. To prevent food becoming tainted, it is best to clean your oven as soon as possible. If your oven doesn’t seem hygienic, perhaps it isn’t hygienic for you to be cooking food in there.

The oven takes longer to heat up

Is it taking longer than usual for your oven to warm up? Does it take longer for food to cook than it used to? This can happen when an oven needs cleaning as a build-up of grease can make it difficult for the oven to heat up as efficiently as it should. This can lead to food poisoning if food can’t cook at the right temperature as well as an inconvenience when you’re cooking!

You can’t remember the last time it was cleaned!

If you can’t remember the last time your oven was cleaned, it’s probably been too long! It is best for ovens to be cleaned every three to six months, depending on how quickly they build up grime. Even if you’re not yet experiencing any major problems, it might be time to schedule an oven clean before they occur.
If you spot any of these signs, it’s time to think about cleaning your oven or getting an oven cleaning professional such as Oven Bright in to do it for you! We have plenty of experience cleaning ovens, AGAs and microwaves and can get them gleaming again in less than two hours, ready to use instantly.

Book Your Oven Cleaning With Oven Bright

We provide affordable oven cleaning prices so that getting a professional oven cleaner in doesn’t have to feel like a luxury. We understand that many individuals have busy lives and cleaning the oven isn’t the highest priority, which is why we’re happy to take on the hard work for you! Our expert cleaning techniques and efficient eco-friendly products mean we can get your oven gleaming once again.


What areas do you cover?

We provide oven cleaning in Essex and Hertfordshire, we’re based in Chigwell and serve both domestic and commercial clients across the south east. We’re fully insured, and DBS checked to give you peace of mind and we only use eco-friendly fume free products for cleaning.

We’ll complete a full service of your appliance as we clean and will make you aware of any issues we come across. Our prices start from £43 for a single oven and we pride ourselves on our competitive prices and excellent service.

There are a number of small easy steps you can take to help keep your oven cleaner for longer, such as covering meat joints when cooking so they don’t spit fat across the oven. You may wish to use a lidded roasting dish or cover with foil.

When cooking dishes that are prone to bubbling over, put a larger baking tray underneath to catch anything that drops down – this is much easier to remove and clean than the bottom of your oven. Alternatively, you can invest in Kevlar mats which can be inserted at the bottom of your oven and are easy to remove and clean.

We can provide oven cleaning, AGA cleaning and microwave cleaning from a single oven to a 4 oven AGA. We can also provide cleaning for extractor fans and hobs at the same time for a full deep clean.

We can provide end of tenancy oven cleaning, which is often requested by landlords, at an affordable price whether you are splitting the cost with flatmates or living alone. We’re happy to answer any questions or queries you might have, just contact us.

Are you looking for oven cleaners in Essex and the Hertfordshire? For oven cleans from only £43, contact our team on 01279 432 444